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rawr apples:
This guy on youtube 'Freewayjim' drives around various cities and records it. Thought this might be interesting, he's covered the south pretty well

Has anyone found any good ones of the west coast?

That was pretty amazing... thank you so much for the link rawr. He apparently did quite a few in my area, albeit with some errors in labeling...  ;)

Yeah that's pretty neat. Would make an interesting addition to the AAroads highway guides.

Yeah, I love freewayjim's videos :) Made quite a few myself too in Europe.

I have converted a couple of my old VHS videos and uploaded them to youtube as well.
There are also more recent videos shot by Andy and myself on our respective digital cameras as well. Whenever I get more time, I'll try to get more of my 1990s freeway videos converted and uploaded. There are some from 1993 of the Bay Area, but they are not shot well unfortunately...

FWIW Jim was one of the first roadgeeks I ever contacted back in 1998!


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