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I don't expect 9 to be widened from Lakewood to Toms River for a long time if at all.  The County brings it up from time to time and complains about it, but I don't see it happening any time soon.  To partly compensate, Ocean County has gradually improved the nearby and parallel New Hampshire Ave. (CR 623), with the northern section now mostly 4 lanes, as a bypass of sorts to Route 9.  I don't think exit 83 SB will ever happen without widening on 9 north of 571.

Does anybody else read the Asbury Park Press, and if so, does anyone remember the "Joe on the Go" column?  Every Sunday he'd answer a reader's questions about the roads in the area, construction, etc. and would reach out to the appropriate agency for an answer.  Regarding the GSP, someone complained about the implementation of the northbound Express EZ-Pass lanes at the Asbury Park tolls, and how it created a dangerous weaving situation beyond where express and cash toll users had to cross paths in a very short distance to get into the express and local lanes.  I fully agree with the reader, as the Express EZ-Pass users (like me) keeping right for the local lanes have to compete with cash toll users just accelerating from the tolls who want to weave left across two lanes for the express lanes.  I've almost been taken out by people on the right on a few occasions (usually with them on a cell phone).  The weaving area is dangerously short and should be lengthened by moving the split further north (there is room) or just forcing all the cash toll users to stay in the local lanes.  Of course the NJTA responded to Joe on the Go that the design was fine and there wasn't a problem.


--- Quote from: J Route Z on July 30, 2014, 10:05:00 PM ---The construction on the Parkway in that area is absolutely crazy. We went on a Saturday for LBI, which is exit 63. From 98 to 63 took almost an hour.
--- End quote ---

35 miles and took about an hour?  Man, that's fast for a Saturday on the Parkway! 


--- Quote from: Roadrunner75 on July 31, 2014, 01:13:22 PM ---Of course the NJTA responded to Joe on the Go that the design was fine and there wasn't a problem.

--- End quote ---

Try telling that to my mother, who almost got hit by someone cutting her off trying to get to the express lanes. Its a problem at the Raritan Plaza too, I even caught it on video (watch the pickup dart across the gore point).


I think it would be a good idea to just make the cash people stay in the local lanes until the crossovers by Exit 116.

It's the usual case where codes and design manuals are pointed to as justification, while common sense goes out the window.  "The book says it works".  It clearly doesn't, and they're having much slower, accelerating traffic cross paths with people tooling along at 80.  There is room to push the gore back a bit at the Asbury tolls, but the easier option is to allow access to the express lanes only from the express EZ-Pass.  They could accomplish that with minimal effort - a signage change, some restriping and maybe dumping a few Jersey barriers down and we're good to go.  I invite the Turnpike's engineers to drive it sometime and see for themselves.


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