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The bypass around the Village of Round Lake, NY, connecting Northway Exit 11 to US 9 and NY 67 is scheduled to open today:

Is this a Super 2 or a four lane bypass?

They seem to have gotten it done quickly...from the EIS to the opening date.

It's a super 2. With roundabouts on either end.

Is this super 2 really neccessary? Is Round Lake, NY that busy? I am not farmiliar with the town but from overhead, it doesn't look crowded. Anyone have a map of it? I'd like to check it out!


It's not terribly busy but for two things:
1) The town is getting through traffic, including trucks, going right through the middle.  Not a great quality of life there.
2) Development on the north side will generate a lot more traffic, especially trucks.

So it's not a volume issue so much as a truck issue.


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