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First, the good. If anyone was wondering if there are any old state outline CT 15 shields still up anywhere, I present to you your answer:

One thing that is possibly assisting this one's continued survival: it's not on a state highway.

Next, the "bad". Couple of current spec shields, nothing too special:

And finally, the ugly:

You could chalk this up to a weird imitation of the actual style if it was New Jersey, or Delaware.... but Connecticut has never used circle shields. In fact, this one (and another one just like it) is also not on a state highway, so CONNDOT may or may not even be responsible for it.
Also, note how the arrow is on the same sign panel as the "shield". Funky.

The bottom one sounds like something that VDOT would allow or even the city of VA Beach with their rampant circle shields for state highways  :-/

where are those old shields?  More old relics...up farther on CT 15 & US 5 at the CT-175 interchange there are some old green button copy signs, get off going north and turn right. 

There are a handful of state-outline 15's floating around still, just very hard to find.  I don't think any are left on a BGS.  One is indeed left on a state road.

There is an outline CT 15 shield on CT 136, at an intersection near a truss bridge.  All other details escape me for the moment.


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