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I live in Boca Raton, Florida. Almost every weekend lately, my father takes me on overnight trips. I've done Ocala, Orlando, Melbourne, GEORGIA (St. Mary's), Leesburg, but anyone who has a good idea of other cities to visit on trips, just reply please. I'd love to know.

A suggestion would be to drive up to Cedar Key southwest of Gainesville.  An office colleague of mine vacations there quite often and says it is absolutely lovely.

You haven't been to the Keys yet? I go camping at Bahia Honda State Park (MM35-ish) at least once a year, and Key West is one of the most unique cities in the country. The drive down US-1 is amazing!

Thanks for posting. Sorry, forgot to mention the keys. I have been there. Excellent seafood and beautiful scenery. Never been to Cedar Key, heard of it though. Isn't it somewhere near Inverness? I'll try it out this weekend perhaps. It's not too far, we've done Georgia a few months back and one of our recent trips were to Gainesville. So thanks all.

Cedar Key is on an island off the coast on FL 24 which would head out southwest from US 19 and 98 in the Big Bend area inside the Panhandle, about halfway between Tampa-St. Petersburg and Tallahassee.  Inverness is about 50 miles to the southeast.

I have taken a couple of trips as far as Clearwater, so from where I am located in Coral Springs, the drive to Cedar Key is a pretty good haul of 350 miles via Interstate 75.  Driving on FL 80 west through the sugar fields might a bit better and a more interesting route through to Fort Myers. :nod:


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