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What’s in a name?

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Max Rockatansky:
SoCal slang generally is “The insert route number” regardless the classification of highway.

Big John:
Another Wisconsin-Illinois rivalry as WI uses "highway" and IL uses "route".

Yeah, in No. IL, some use 'Route' for State highways, "Rt. 53/83". But mostly folks just say #'s:
90, 55, 94, 294, 41, 20, 30, 34, 120 ...  :cool:

Closer to city/inner burbs, street names used. Nobody calls Lake Shore Dr. "the 41", ;-)

Also, said a few times, 'freeway' here means So. CA vacation routes,   :)

Many states the word freeway is used internally but not in common talk.

Funny how from Missouri to IL, which border each other, the same descriptor is used for two different types of roadways. The Whitton Expressway in Jefferson City and the Stevenson Expressway in Chicagoland for example. One a limited access arterial and the other fully controlled access yet both are expressways.

US Highways and state highways are "route". Freeways are "highways" and sometimes "expressways".


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