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hi all,

i am kitty (or the cat) - aka the91fwy - the 2nd one everyone in LA loves to hate (behind the 405).  i've lurked your forums and site for a long time and have used it frequently in research.  being a roadgeek since a young lad (in my 30s somewhere now) i thought it would be worthy to sign up.

i've seen quite a bit of the west and traveled the 70, the 80, the 15, the 5 quite a bit.  my travel besties are my dog and my toyota prius (nearing 200k miles).

outside of that i am a computer engineer, i enjoy nerdy things, games, enjoying the outdoors.

nice to meet you all!!


Welcome to the forums!

Welcome from the other end of the Southern Transcon.

Welcome from Massachusetts!

Welcome also from Massachusetts.


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