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Highway 14 between Mojave and Inyokern - ever going to be widened?


I just drove up to Lone Pine for the first time last weekend and I was under the impression that the upcoming Olancha Bypass will be the final 2 lane section replaced on the "LA to Mammoth" corridor, but there's a very long segment of highway 14 between Red Rocks Canyon and the intersection with highway 178. I couldn't find much on it when researching, but is this one of those "eventually" projects? Doesn't even seem like it would be a very difficult project to complete for what is a really hazardous section of 2 lane road.

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I did see that, but the last update is in 2009.

IIRC, in reading one of the most recent status reports prior to the CalTrans website redesign, Segments 2 and 3 of the Freeman Gulch project were supposed to be completed by 2030. 


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