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Renumbering the interstate grid

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Just wanted to see how any of you would renumber the current interstate grid to fix some of the current issues it faces (i.e. I-99 in PA).  How would you number the interstates throughout the country?  I would like to hear your inputs on this. 


Interstate 99 goes to Delaware
Planned Interstate 49 south of Interstate 10 becomes Interstate 6
Interstate 74 in North Carolina becomes Interstate 38 or 42

Just to name a few suggestions  ;D

Just move all the low digits to the west and high digits to the east. I mean how hard is it to just put the numbers in order (don't answer that--logistically I know it is rather difficult).

And remove a number designation from the I-64/I-664 mess, signing it simply as the Hampton Roads Beltway.  ;)

rawr apples:
I say we just get rid of the way we number than, other than East/West = Even , North/South = Odd

All it does is force interstates to have an out of place number when there is no other numbers available, and everyone complains in some way

I'd also let freeways that overtake the path of a Federal route to carry the number of the federal route, or any numbered route thats no longer in use for that matter. So I-95 would overtake US-1 and therefore be I-1, except US1 is still in use, but you get what i'm trying to say?

Change I-99 to I-81, and present 81 to 83 from Harrisburg to Canada. Between the 99 corridor and Harrisburg, perhaps change this to a spur off of either one?

Make that proposed I-3 another number. 18 comes to mind.


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