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We all know that fast-food (and Starbucks) has become an inseparable part of our traveling lives. While we all know about the 108-mile section of I-70 between Salina and Green River that is truly service-free, what section of interstate do you think is the longest between fast-food breaks? I have an example, but I want to hear from you folks first.

Hint: My example is a rather underrated section of service-free interstate, especially when you consider what is on this section of service-free interstate. :)

Is your section in Alaska?

Nope, it's in the Lower 48.

There's a section of the I-35 in Iowa that is 40 miles without almost anything.
That is the only Interstate that I can think of. I know many more sections like that on smaller roads.

I-94 in various sections throughout Montana and North Dakota are pretty sparse.

Especially from Miles City to Billings.



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