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Congested freeways

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Name them.

I-405 in the Los Angeles area, obviously

US 101 between I-280 and I-80 in SF, and I-80 from US 101 to Albany

Business 80 between Route 99 and the Marconi Curve in Sacramento

US 101 in San Jose, between I-280/I-680 and Capitol Expressway

I-580 from I-238 in Hayward to I-205 near Tracy, CA

A lot of expressways/parkways in the New York area. But they also create congestion with the toll plazas.

I-95, I-278, I-495 and FDR Drive come to mind. I've looked up the traffic volumes of them, they mostly aren't exceptionally high for the number of lanes, so I guess it's mostly the 1930's alignment and offramp capacity...

I-94 near Miller Park in Milwaukee
The Madison beltline highway
The interstates approaching the Circle Interchange in Chicago (downtown)


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