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Privitizing public roads

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I know there are plans to possibly privatize the HRBT to pay for a new bridge, and the new Jordan Bridge on VA-337 will be privately owned, as the old one had been I believe since the 1920s.

Indiana toll road is privatized

Tolls at the barriers (IL to I-80 merge) are halved or more if you have an  IZoom (or EZPass or IPass) so a toll at the Westpoint barrier is 1.25 for cash, 1.00 for the ETCs.  The ticket area has discounts too. 


--- Quote ---Interestingly, the reverse may be happening in one case.

IIRC, the State of New Jersey may be taking over the Beesley's Point Bridge, a privately-owned toll bridge that carries U.S. 9, because the private owner cannot afford (?) to make the needed repairs to the bridge to keep it open.

The bridge has been closed awhile, with traffic having to use the G.S. Parkway to get around.

Feel free to enlighten me differently if my account is not correct.
--- End quote ---

Actually Cape May County took over the bridge recently.


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