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Privitizing public roads

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Isn't the Indiana Toll Road privatized? And isn't that longer than the 407 ETR?

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--- Quote from: corco on March 25, 2009, 11:05:42 PM ---Isn't the Indiana Toll Road privatized? And isn't that longer than the 407 ETR?

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Yes, it was privatized, supposedly to get funds for other projects.  I think freeway upgrades for US 31 from South Bend to Indy and I-69 Indy to Evansville were the main candidates for those funds.  I'm waiting to see how long until the tolls skyrocket.

Someone correct me, but aren't the tolls on the Chicago Skyway up to $8 since it was privatized?

The Skyway tolls were $3 when I used it last May. According to the skyway website, they are still set at $3, with the next scheduled increase set for 01/01/11.

Interestingly, the reverse may be happening in one case.

IIRC, the State of New Jersey may be taking over the Beesley's Point Bridge, a privately-owned toll bridge that carries U.S. 9, because the private owner cannot afford (?) to make the needed repairs to the bridge to keep it open.

The bridge has been closed awhile, with traffic having to use the G.S. Parkway to get around.

Feel free to enlighten me differently if my account is not correct.

Revive 755:
I think something similar has happened elsewhere, but usually with city-owned bridges.  The McKinley Bridge at St. Louis was taken over by the states since the city of Venice wasn't keeping it up, and has since been reopened as a free bridge - at one time I think the Illinois Terminal Railroad was the owner of that bridge.  I think something similar may be in the works between Illinois and Indiana for the IL 14 bridge over the Wabash - is that one city or private?

Other cases I know of are the effective replacement of the IA 394 toll bridge (I think that one was owned by the town of St. Francisville) with a free bridge for IA 27, and the city of St. Louis swapping the MacArthur Bridge for the toll Eads Bridge, which was owned by the Terminal Railroad.  Although the Eads-MacArthur deal was to get a better bridge for light rail, I think the public didn't get good results since there was no clause requiring the MacArthur to be repaired and reopened for traffic.


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