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MDOT discussing plans to flip I-75 and I-69 interchange

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--- Quote ---A new proposal calls for flipping the configuration so I-75 bridges travel over I-69. Currently, I-69 travels over I-75 at the interchange.

MDOT has been studying the interchange and the I-75 corridor from Court Street in Flint Township to the U.S. 23 split in Mundy Township for ways to improve traffic flow and safety.

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Officials will discuss and receive feedback on MDOT's preferred design option for changes to the I-75 and I-69 interchange and other interchanges along the stretch, including Miller Road, during a meeting in December.
--- End quote ---

Don't know specifics of particular traffic patterns in this area, but perhaps bridge lifespans are nearing end due to de-icing chemicals may be a part of this discussion.   Bearing seats, rockers, and girders themselves.   Non epoxy coated reinforcement in pier caps, piers, and bridge decks also?   
Are some of the pavements seen in the video the original longitudinal concrete slabs?  Pretty amazing if so - that is fifty plus years in a very harsh climate.   

The Ghostbuster:
I've never heard of a proposal like this before. Has this ever been tried anywhere else in the country that anyone knows about?

Maybe they want to make I-75 4 thru lanes each way, which they can't do because of the RR overpass?

The EB I-69 to SB I-75 movement does have one of the worst merges of any major interchange in Michigan.  It just dumps you onto I-75 without an acceleration lane because it's got to funnel back down to 3 lanes before the RR overpass.  That would be nice not to deal with anymore.


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