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MDOT discussing plans to flip I-75 and I-69 interchange

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The part I'm talking about is between the north end of I-475 at MM 125 and the US-23 split at MM 115. I use this highway a lot so I'm familiar with it. Where it drops from four lanes to three lanes going southbound it clusters traffic up, some traffic gets off at I-475 but most traffic stays on I-75 and the traffic volumes pick up again after Pierson Road at MM 122. Then it gets clustered up from about MM 118 at the Corunna Road exit all the way until the US-23 split at MM 115. You have I-69 and I-75 intersecting, you have US-23 coming in with a ton of traffic, you have Bishop Airport traffic, you have a big GM plant right next to the I-75 and I-69 interchange.

I think I-75 should be eight lanes from Bay City to the US-23 split in Flint and then six lanes from there until Auburn Hills where it picks up another lane again by the curve where the Palace use to be.

This is a view of I-75 facing south from I-69. Note the arrangement of I-75 at the bottom, under the rail road tracks, and then the NBD I-75 to WBD I-69 ramp and SBD I-75 to EBD I-69 snaking above it:

There's a lot going on, with interchanges at Miller Rd to the north and Bristol Rd to the south that needs to be accommodated. And, this railroad overpass:

The I-75 mainlines have inadequate shoulders, both inside and outside.  Appears that it has always been six lanes, three in each direction, going by the crack seal, on the asphalt, over the joints of the underlying concrete pavements.   So that is the area that is prone to flooding.   


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