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MDOT discussing plans to flip I-75 and I-69 interchange

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--- Quote from: DJStephens on May 15, 2021, 10:14:35 PM ---The I-75 mainlines have inadequate shoulders, both inside and outside.  Appears that it has always been six lanes, three in each direction, going by the crack seal, on the asphalt, over the joints of the underlying concrete pavements.   So that is the area that is prone to flooding.

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That is one area that is prone to flooding, another area a little over 30 miles to the north in Saginaw County there is another area that is prone to flooding and that is being addressed. In that area I-75 dipped down 20 feet to clear a railroad overpass that was removed several years ago but the highway still dipped 20 feet and would flood a lot. MDOT has leveled the highway and there will no longer be a dip in that location. An area not too far from there also is prone to flooding and that is on M-46 involving another railroad overpass at the Saginaw city limits and Buena Vista Township limits near Cumberland Street.


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