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Why is US 33 northbound (In Ohio) a 4 lane road

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I don't know if it still is, but I thought it was a great route to take shunpiking in 1987 driving from Green Bay to Lancaster Co PA after graduating college. I took US 30 across Indiana and Ohio to just past I-75, then zigzagged down to US 33 to Columbus. Some of it was on unmarked local roads which freaked out my then-partner because these roads weren't in the Rand McNally and it was well before smart phones.

I do think a four-lane connection from US 33 to either I-75 or US 30 would be a great improvement for Ohio drivers. Fixing the Breezewood at Beaverdam would also be good.


--- Quote from: seicer on May 09, 2021, 09:30:23 PM ---Once the US Route 35 freeway is completed in Ohio, it will be a superior route over US Route 33 which has modern two-lane segments in the vicinity of Athens and Pomeroy (although capable of being expanded to four lanes).

--- End quote ---

US 33 is signed for Columbus on I-77, bypassing Pomeroy and Athens and other cities/towns along the route. IIRC it's on supplemental signage with the primary signage being just for Ravenswood.

I wonder if West Virginia will change signage on I-64 at US 35 once the four-lane is done? It's signed for Pt. Pleasant, and I can see Jackson, Chillicothe, Dayton, and even Columbus ("but US 35 doesn't go to Columbus!!!") being used as supplementals.

Does WV like putting Columbus on things? Jackson I can see but it seems like they prefer putting the nearest towns on signs.

I ranted about control cities for Ohio's non-interstate 4 lanes a while ago in another thread, but for US 35 WB from I-64, my main option would be Chillicothe, although Dayton could be listed on distance signs.

--- Quote from: SkyPesos on March 30, 2021, 10:14:58 AM ---Currently, it seems like that Ohio likes to use every county seat as controls on US route and State route freeways. Every county seat is good for 2 lane roads, but for expressways and freeways, I think they should be treated to just a level below the standards as 2di interstates. Here's my opinions on more spaced out control cities that are more useful for long-distance drivers

OH 161/16: Columbus, Newark, Coshocton
- First of all, remove Columbus as a WB control city on the OH 16 split from the freeway and give it to the freeway continuation. No one is going to use the 2 lane OH 16 over the freeway to Columbus from Granville; it's not even one of the route options on Google Maps.
- With Columbus used on the freeway, New Albany could be removed or signed as a secondary.
- East of Newark, the only real option is Coshocton.
- This ties into my fictional idea to swap 161 and 16 west of Granville, to keep a single route number and exit number sequence on the whole freeway section. Because 161 ends west of 16, currently, the mileposts and exit numbers drop down from where 161 ends and 16 continues the freeway, causing some duplicated exit numbers on the freeway. Two of the digits are the same, so white-out should be adequate for turning 161 signage to 16  :-D

US 23/OH 15: Portsmouth, Chillicothe, Columbus, (Delaware), (Marion), (Findlay), Toledo
- For the section south of I-270, Bye Circleville, Bye Piketon
- I placed Delaware in parenthesis as I think it's better than Toledo for NB 23 at the I-270 interchange. It's a busy 4 lane arterial between Columbus and Delaware, and traffic to Toledo also have the option to use I-71 then switch to US 36 and US 23 at Delaware. For SB, Delaware isn't necessary.
- Marion could be used too for its size, and home to an Ohio State regional campus, but it's close to Delaware, and not on any major junctions.
- Findlay could be added in for NB, as it's where OH 15 meets I-75 and is a sizable city. I chose to not include it though.

US 24: Ft Wayne, Toledo
- For a US route that's really important for long distance travel (part of the shortcut for I-69 between Ft Wayne and Pt Huron), it really shouldn't have any in-state control cities west of Toledo. So goodbye Defiance and Napoleon.

US 30: Ft Wayne, Lima, Mansfield, Canton
- Ft Wayne, Mansfield and Canton are no-brainers
- Lima isn't on US 30, but it's the only sizable city between Ft Wayne and Mansfield and is close to the junction with I-75, so I chose it.
- East of Canton, it's no longer a freeway or expressway

OH 32: Cincinnati, Athens, Parkersburg
- The almost 200 mile distance between Cincinnati and Athens may be a bit long, but there's not really any good options between them on OH 32. If Corridor D used US 50 instead of OH 32, Chillicothe would be perfect. But that's not the case. Also, Cincinnati is signed WB as a control city in Athens.

US 33: Columbus, Athens
- I have no idea what to do with the freeway portion northwest of Columbus, as it ends in Bellefontaine, but Marysville is a larger city. Could keep both, but it would be inconsistent to the rest of what I want to do here. Fort Wayne is another option, but it's a bit far as it's mostly 2 lane to there.
- Between Columbus and Athens, those two cities should be the primary controls. So bye Lancaster and Logan.
- Southeast of Athens, it's a 2 lane

US 35: Dayton, Chillicothe, Charleston
- Dayton is obvious
- Chillicothe is where US 35 meets US 23, and a people on US 35 WB heading to cities like Columbus or Detroit would turn north onto US 23 here.
- US 35 doesn't physically reach Charleston, but it's close enough and is the next point for long distance traffic, as there isn't any other major point in the middle.

--- End quote ---
Unrelated note, but TIL that WV uses Freeway Entrance signs and downward pointing arrows like what California does. Interesting...


--- Quote from: hbelkins on May 11, 2021, 08:11:24 PM ---
US 33 is signed for Columbus on I-77, bypassing Pomeroy and Athens and other cities/towns along the route. IIRC it's on supplemental signage with the primary signage being just for Ravenswood.

--- End quote ---

A completed US 33 was always intended as the primary Charleston-Columbus route. They made great pains to say this when it was finally completed.


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