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Best Route: Cincinnati to Oak Brook, IL (Chicago west suburb)

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I have regularly taken US 52 as an alternate to I-65 to get between Kankakee and Lafayette.  It's a pretty good route with light traffic. If you want to avoid the traffic on 80/94, that is my recommendation.  65 to Lafayette. 52 to Kankakee. 57 to 294 to 88.

Buy a plane ticket at CVG, land at ORD, rent a car, then pick either I-294 South or use US 12/45/Manheim Rd SB and other local roads to end up on York Rd or IL 83/Kingery Hwy SB

Or if Southwest has a cheap fare to MDW


Id go with I-74->I-465->I-65->I-80/94->I-80/294->I-80->I-355->I-88.

Under any other circumstance, Id tell you to take I-294 north to I-88 west. However, theres some very heavy construction going on in that section of the tollway, with lane configurations that can throw off the non-locals (personal experience talking), so its better to avoid that entirely, IMO.


--- Quote from: hbelkins on April 22, 2021, 11:54:19 AM ---Would there be any benefit in possibly taking I-74 and then the US 41/IN 63 combination? I know that's not an all-interstate route, but my experience with Indiana surface four-lanes has been pretty positive.

--- End quote ---

Yes, if you like to eat at the Beef House.  One may think there's not much to see on IND 63/US 41 north of I-74, but some people find that sparsely populated part of the state to be refreshingly serene, quiet, and peaceful.  If you're looking for a break from the madness of traffic on I-65, this route is worth some consideration.  One should take advantage of the food services and truck stop at I-74 because there aren't many places to stop along the way.  Kentland is about the only decent place to stop between I-74 and the Region (Cedar Lake and St. John where the traffic signals and civilization take over again - the return to madness).


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