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Best Route: Cincinnati to Oak Brook, IL (Chicago west suburb)

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--- Quote from: paulthemapguy on May 07, 2021, 09:51:09 AM ---I like to promote usage of Will County highways because they are almost always maintained much better than IDOT roads in the area.  IDOT District 1 does a great job of snubbing the collar counties.

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The mayor of Crete had IDOT study a potential connection of 109th directly to Exchange Street, and I think it was projected to carry well over 10,000 vehicles a day. The roads over that way are a real mish-mash across the state line, there's few good ways to get across, especially for trucks, and the two states haven't done much cross-state planning except for the now-shelved Illiana project. But your route is probably the best thru that area.

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I grew up near here and often traveled into Indiana along Exchange and 101st. Of course, as a junior road enthusiast, I thought wouldn't it be cool to see US 231 extended from US 41 west to IL394 to provide a more direct, signed route into the south suburbs. If course, that is not to be. But the route along Exchange Street was a good ride then and likely still is today.



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