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Symbolic county road letter designations in Wisconsin

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How much money did Kenosha County get for this one? :spin:

Intersection of County Road P and County Road OO: NE2's profile picture.

I know county road S in Kenosha is because it goes through the Southport neighborhood in the city. EZ because it was an Easy route from the state line to Kenosha but it has since been truncated to Pleasant Prairie. The other ones in Kenosha County (ML, H, C, U etc) I have no clue. I think in most cases they're randomly generated. In Illinois they're based on letters and numbers in certain counties (Boone, Cook, Lake, McHenry, St Clair) North and South roads get letters at the end of the alphabet while east west roads get letters at the beginning of the alphabet and then the numbers descend as one heads west (for N/S roads) and ascends as one heads south ,(for E/W roads). So for example County Road A1 denotes the IL/WI state line and county road A50 is the Lake Cook county line. With this system the letters W, and V are all shared across Cook , Lake and McHenry counties. B & C are exclusive to cook. It's more organized this way but not all counties follow this system.

CTH-OK in Sheboygan County, symbolizes how itís OK, not great, not terrible.

But it actually does sort of connect Oostburg and Kohler.

Big John:

--- Quote from: KCRoadFan on October 01, 2021, 01:06:01 AM --- In addition, there are some others I'm aware of but don't know their meaning; for example, why is Lombardi Avenue in Green Bay marked as County Road VK? (If anything, it should be "VL" for Vince Lombardi.)

--- End quote ---
That one still baffles me as VK is the best combination for Vikings.


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