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--- Quote from: SEWIGuy on August 03, 2021, 11:02:26 AM ---Why do people get so hung up on the names of buildings and interchanges?  Sears moved out of the tower years ago.  Why should their name remain?

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Stay outta Chicago business my frient. It will always be da Sears Tower!

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Just like it will always be da Circle Interchange!


Well, it looks like the main work on the new I 57 I 74 interchange has finally begun. The nearby secondary road crossing bridges have all been rebuilt over the last year to accommodate the new design. Now the field on the north east side of the interchange has all these large earth moving machines digging up huge trenches and pouring concrete. I suspect this is drainage as I cant see the roadway needing to go so deep. I suspect the other three quadrants along the interchange may be waiting for all the corn to be harvested in a month before they start to tear up those fields too.


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--- Quote from: kphoger on August 03, 2021, 11:44:05 AM ---The alternative is to try and keep up with all the name changes as sponsorship changes.  When I last lived in the Chicago area, for example...

There was this thing called Comiskey Park.  It, along with it's previous iteration, had been Comiskey Park since 1975óbefore I was born.  Then it changed names to US Cellular Field.  OK, that was dumb.  Everyone just kept calling it Comiskey Park.  And, of course, that name only lasted for 13 years.  Now it's Guaranteed Rate Field.  Why bother calling it that when, in another few years, it'll probably just change names again, to Kotex Field or Pampers Park or GlaxoSmithCline Stadium or some such nonsense.

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I dealt with the same thing in St Louis. Their new arena was called the Kiel Center when it opened in the mid-90s. Since then, it's been called the Savvis Center, Scottrade Center, and is now the Enterprise Center. Everyone still calls it the Kiel Center. Of course, locals still refer to I-64 as Highway 40.

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Renaming stadiums is not very traditional, but as long as they don't take to renaming roads I will be OK.

Though, I can see a situation in some unknown future where some company will want to buy naming rights for a toll road.

Can one drive a road named after Budweiser? ("For all you do, this drive is for you") The Amazon Tollway?  Walgreens Memorial Tollroad? (S/B called "Sears Memorial since they are dead and Walgreens isn't)

You have to believe that is next in broke Illinois.

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A highway named for alcohol sounds like something right up Tony LaRussa's alley.

"Stay outta Chicago business my frient. It will always be da Sears Tower!"
Agree! Newcomers complain about using names [JFK] for X-ways   :crazy:, instead of "the 90" like La La Land. :banghead:
And yeah we know traffic is heavy, it's a huge city not a college town. :spin:

There's 'renumbering' threads for US and I's how about IL state highways?
My wish list:

1. Give Randall/Orchard Rd an IL state #.
2. Reinstate IL-32 for the north/south IL-137.
3. Move US-41 off of Foster Av, to replace US-14 easternmost section past Peterson/Lincoln. Truncate US-14 at 'new' 41. Foster is just too narrow for a US highway, and has stop signs to boot!
4. Re-route IL-56 from eastern section of Butterfield Rd. to 22nd St/Cermak Rd. to Harlem/43 or Manheim/12-20-45.
5. Give Pulaski/Crawford a state #, at least south of I-55.
6. Name US-14 'NW Highway' past Crystal Lake to WI, instead of ending at Virginia St. Try to do same with other routes with commonly known street names: North Av, Milwaukee Av, Lake St, Ogden Av. [Within Chicago CSMA]

Just my 'dream'.  :sleep:

One was granted, IL-171 extended to I-90,  :D


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