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--- Quote from: pianocello on December 05, 2021, 01:35:35 PM ---According to photos I saw on Facebook, there was a bit of an exit renumbering on the Illinois side as a result of this project. Going southbound (Illinois-bound/east) from the bridge, we have:

Exit 1A: TO IL-92 WEST / River Drive / 3rd Ave (formerly Exit 1)
Exit 1B: IL-92 EAST / 6th Ave (formerly Exit 2)
Exit (unknown; the tab wasn't installed in the photo I saw): Avenue of the Cities (formerly Exit 3)

I'm assuming the 6th Ave/7th Ave interchange is simply Exit 1 in the Iowa-bound direction, but I'll double check that when I visit over Christmas. I'll also be curious to see whether they'll renumber the Avenue of the Cities interchange too, since it's right at Mile Marker 2. I'm guessing it will stay Exit 3 though.

--- End quote ---

For whatever reason, the 7th Avenue exit is still Exit 2 heading into Illinois, so the Avenue of the Cities exit likely will remain Exit 3 in both directions. But IL 92 is signed along I-74 for the first time ever.

Photo I -- well, my wife, since I was driving -- took in May:

They have added mileage makers every tenth of a mile on both sides. I drove it a few days before the full open. The 6 lanes goes just beyond the avenue of the cities.

Button copy signs at I-55 and Lemont Road are sadly gone.  New stuff has gone up in that area in the past month or two.


--- Quote from: paulthemapguy on December 10, 2021, 03:58:34 PM ---Button copy signs at I-55 and Lemont Road are sadly gone.  New stuff has gone up in that area in the past month or two.

--- End quote ---
Also the button copy for Route 126 Plainfield has been changed in November.

Lyon Wonder:
With the new I-74 bridge in the Quad Cities completed and open to traffic, IDOT has started the first phase of engineering studies to replace the I-80 bridge across the Mississippi River. 
The final options are going to be whether to build the new bridge where the old bridge is currently located or build the new bridge and a new stretch of I-80 with new interchanges to IL-84 in IL and US 67 in IA either upstream or downstream.  If the latter option is selected the old bridge could be converted into a "Bison Bridge" with a trail.  IMO I doubt the new I-80 will be a signature span like the new I-74 bridge and will probably either be a conventional tied-arch like the new US 52 bridge between Savanna, IL and Sabula, IA or a concrete slab like the new US 54 bridge between IL and Louisiana, MO.


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