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I use the NB-->EB and WB-->SB movements there a lot so yes, it is greatly needed but boy will it be a pain while under construction. 

I never understood why Peoria is the control city for I-74 westbound. I'd think Champaign/Urbana (intersection of I-57 and I-72) or Bloomington/Normal (intersection of I-55 and I-39) would be more appropriate, since there is no major Interstate highway intersection at Peoria and both the above examples are decent-sized cities.

In Mishawaka, the SR 331 railroad underpass just south of SR 933 is opening today. 


--- Quote ---MISHAWAKA
Work began this week on a new road that will link Capital Avenue and Fir Road, giving access to 240 acres of vacant land where city officials hope to see development.
Mayor Dave Wood foresees that the three-quarters of a mile road will feel like Edison Lakes Parkway, with lighting, landscaping and a multi-use trail for walking or biking alongside the new road.
It will hook up to Capital right at the Indiana Toll Road interchange, then link to Fir Road at Grande Vista Drive.
--- End quote ---

Anyone know when the tolls went off on the Bradenburg-Corydon Bridge on Indiana 135? What were the toll rates? I know they opened it in the 60's.


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