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^ Then the one person actually doing 55 mph causes everyone to abruptly brake from 75 mph down to 50-55 mph, weave into another lane, causing more braking and a potential chain reaction of such and even worse - a potential for a rear end collision.

Driving to slow = low speed limits = bad situation.

55 mph is dangerous. Simply put. But that’s what they want you to think is safe, when in fact is not. 65 mph minimum is a good medium to the actual flow of 70-75+ mph.

Major heads up for anyone on here who frequently uses Indiana 130 between Hobart and Valparaiso:

As you may have seen, Indiana 130 and Porter County Road 600 N is undergoing an intersection modification. Work on the northern half of the intersection is nearing completion, with work on the southern half immediately following. The respective portions of CR 600 N will be closed, while Indiana 130 traffic goes through uninterrupted. When completed this fall, CR 600 N will have two separate intersections with Indiana 130, with each “end” meeting Indiana 130 at a perpendicular angle for better sight lines and traffic control. To safely facilitate the movements, Indiana 130 will be refitted with new turn lanes.

Here’s the important part that I wanted to pass along. Starting July 30, Indiana 130 will be completely closed to traffic at the intersection with Porter County Road 450 W. The intersection will be refitted with turn lanes to accommodate movements on this often busy intersection. This closure will last into the fall. This same work will likely be moved a quarter mile west to the traffic light with CR 475 W.

The official detour will involve US 6 and Indiana 149. Though locals will be able to use the network of county roads to connect between Hobart and Valparaiso, this official detour will be enforced for truck traffic.

Update from INDOT: this closure will actually take place between Cleveland Avenue in Hobart (Indiana 51 south split) and Indiana 149. Along with what I mentioned above, this will include complete resurfacing of the closed stretch, turn lanes at the intersection with Indiana 149, and arch work at Hart Ditch between CR 475 W and Indiana 149. All work should be completed by the end of September.


For those interested, here's some links to INDOT's research program. The program is closely aligned with Purdue University and centers around the collaborative Joint Transportation Research Program.

At any given time, numerous studies are either underway or are planned. Studies are wide ranging in scope and topic, and include, for example:

• Evaluation of the Potential Benefits of Implementing the AASHTO Guide Specification for the Analysis and Identification of Fracture Critical Members and System Redundant Members
• Research Support to INDOT on I-465 Southeast Variable Speed Limit and Ramp Meter Project
• Drones in Accident Reconstruction: How Drones Are Helping Make Traffic Crash Site Assessments Faster, Safer, and More Accurate
• Review of Indiana Asphalt Binders (In-Situ PG Grade Asphalt Determination)
• Comprehensive Pavement Patching Tools and Web-based Software for Pavement Condition Assessment and Visualization
• Alternate Interchange Signing Study for Indiana Highways

A comprehensive list of recent and current JTRP research projects can be accessed here, and a list of INDOT's research needs for FY 2022 can be found here.

Purdue also hosts the annual Purdue Road School, a two week conference and expo for transportation professionals. Established in 1914, the longstanding program typically is attended by more than 3,000. The schedule for the most recent conference which took place in March 2021 can be found here.

Great Lakes Roads:
INDOT has announced that the I-65 SB rest area in Jasper County (Kankakee) at MM 231 will close for the construction of a new welcome center in the same location. The building itself (which is 40 years old) will close on or after August 4th at 4 pm CST while the parking lot will close to the public on or after August 9th. Groundbreaking of this project will happen the day after (August 10th) at 10 am CST to mark the start of construction.

The new welcome center will be fully ADA compliant, energy-efficient, and will feature modern restrooms, electronic tourism displays, public art, expanded parking, walking trails, and a natural wetlands area.

When will the new section of I-265 be officially signed?



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