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password reset problems

Started by Scott P., September 15, 2014, 02:15:39 AM

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Scott P.

Got virus -- computer reset -- tried to log in to forum but none of my regular recirculating passwords worked.  Tried to use your password reset mode, but you system has yet to contact my email.  WTF?  Does your system work or does it not?  Please reply when a real human (I'm sure there are some on the forum roster!) gets this.  Thanks, Scott P. (existing user name: sparker)


I just sent you a PM.  Please tell me if you get an e-mail telling you if you got a new PM.

This is to see if your e-mail provider is possibly eating the e-mails from the forum (this happens with and a few other domains for some odd reason) and I'm trying to figure out if your provider is one of them.

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