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Fix 50 Project(CA-50/I-80 Business DT Sacramento)

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--- Quote from: gonealookin on October 08, 2021, 01:56:26 PM ---It's a little frustrating that fairly extensive work was done on the W-X Freeway segment just a few years ago, and now it looks like some of that work is being torn up as part of the current project.  Reno has something similar going on with I-580/US 395 as there was a big widening project a few years back between I-80 and the airport and now it's under construction again as part of the Spaghetti Bowl work.

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Off topic for the thread, but wanted to offer a clarification. The widening project on I-580/US 395 several years ago (may be as much as a decade ago now) was only an outside widening of the northbound lanes, and did not include any extensive work to the then-existing northbound pavement or any work southbound. The current Spaghetti Bowl Express project appears to have reconstructed the older(inner) northbound lanes—and now southbound traffic is using the reconstructed northbound lanes while crews are reconstructing and widening the southbound side and constructing the southbound ramp improvements.


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