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--- Quote from: Alps on April 06, 2021, 07:36:25 PM ---(or widen A-50 to 4 lanes)

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When the MTQ added the cable median barrier to this section of highway it was purported to be for a three year trial period and the government indicated they planned to four-lane this segment of highway at the end of the three year timeframe.

Given the fact that they installed continuous, permanent illumination along the entire stretch of A-50 that got the high-tension guide-rail it seems unlikely to me that they are going to do anything further than what they have built -- at least in the near term.

It's funny actually, the section of A-50 between Lachute and Mirabel is still striped to allow overtaking slow vehicles in the oncoming lane.

Without taking away the tragic and dramatic of deaths on A-50 (every life lost on the roads also means broken survivors, family, friends and loved ones), emotion often trumps reason in the case of the A-50. Crashes get wider media coverage outside metro regions, and that's normal ― and politicians act to ensure the demands of the population, may they be deemed unreasonable, are satisfied.

A-50 is far from being a bad highway, let alone one of the worst roads in Québec. In an equal configuration (2-lane autoroutes), the serious or fatal accident rate on the A-50 is 20-60% lower than the A-955, A-55 and A-30 in Centre-du-Québec. Due to its recent design, with gentle curves and slopes, excellent visibility, mostly graded junctions, long-entry and exit slow-down lanes, wide shoulders, rough strips in the centre and sides plus the newly added cable or concrete medians, it is certainly one of the safest two-lane roads in Quebec. If I recall correctly, a considerable portion of the length between Buckingham and Lachute (a third? a half?) is 2+1 or 2+2. It's not continuous, but it's kinda close to a swedish 2+1.

The most problematic section is Lachute-Mirabel, and it should be a good candidate for 4-laning, with the exponential rise of traffic figures, while Mirabel is gaining commercial and industrial influence and correlatedly Lachute is under the process of economic integration to the Montréal metropolitan area.

Stephane Dumas:
Ile-aux-Tourtes bridge is closed due to safety concerns.

--- Quote ---MONTREAL -- Engineers will be closing the Ile-aux-Tourtes bridge imminently because of an unsound structure, Quebec's transport minister announced suddenly on Thursday afternoon.

"Engineers decided to close the bridge for the safety of users," Minister François Bonnardel tweeted at around 3 p.m.

"The teams of [Transport Quebec] are on site. Mitigation measures will be announced shortly. I am following the situation closely," he wrote.

The closure of the two-kilometre structure will cause major traffic headaches, shutting one of two major links between the West Island and the mainland, including Ontario.

During normal times, with fewer people working from home, it is traversed by roughly 83,000 cars every day.

In a news release, the Ministry of Transport said that "reinforcing rods" in the bridge, or rebar in English, were too damaged to ensure the bridge would be safe.

"As part of the work in progress, the Ministry observed damage to reinforcing rods," it wrote.

"Since the structure could have been weakened by this damage, complete closure is considered the only responsible option to ensure the safety of road users."

While some speculated the earthquake this week may have worsened the bridge's structure, that's not the case, said a spokesperson for Transport.
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--- Quote from: Stephane Dumas on May 20, 2021, 04:41:45 PM ---Ile-aux-Tourtes bridge is closed due to safety concerns.

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Wow.....major infrastructure!

What is it with 2021 and bridge closures forcing traffic onto routes with sub-standard sections that have long-delayed upgrades that were needed eons ago but have yet to be built?


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