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Finally...a Car Ferry from 'France' to Canada!

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Pinging FritzOwl!!

--- Quote from: mgk920 on June 15, 2021, 03:19:02 AM ---How close is Canada to chilling on this whole 'Virus' thing?


--- End quote ---

I don't know about land border crossings.  But we have a cruise out of Baltimore scheduled for September that is supposed to go north to New England and Canada, and I've been hearing that it's likely to be rerouted (if not cancelled) because Canada ports won't re-open to cruise ships until at least February 2022. 

(If they open at all; apparently some of these towns have decided they are doing quite well without the cruise ship tourists and they don't want the ships returning.  But that's another story.)

We still have really strict restrictions here in Ontario (with around like 500 daily new cases last week). Last time the Premier decided to reopen, we were at 1000 daily new cases, and after that, it led to a third wave. I'm assuming the Premier didn't want that to happen again so that's why we're still here.

The Toronto Guns N' Roses concert for July was cancelled, and all US dates are still going on :((((((. Going to see if borders reopen before August, maybe I can get a ticket to the Detroit show, but I don't think that's going to happen.


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