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Interesting. I wonder how it'll sign some exits, for example the NB Express Dundas exit and the Collector exits are not the same exit, but they are still signed as Dundas.

Some recent photos of the 401 construction from my most recent pilgrimage.

A few up to date views looking both directions from the Trafalgar Road overpass  over the 401:

Looking west:

Looking east:

Some newly erected signs

How do you take those photos while driving?

I use a proper camera, and in this case these photos were taken with a fixed lens, (a 50mm lens on my cropped sensor camera).  I dial in all of my camera settings (such as shutter speed, and aperture ahead of time, use Auto ISO), and then set my focus point to a location in the upper third of the frame so that the camera focuses on the road sign.  I then simply point the camera and click the shutter when I have the sign in my frame where I want it to be.  I usually take more than one photo in case my camera misses focus or I hit a bump in the road when I hit the shutter.

I've kind of set myself up so that I can operate my camera in such a way that it doesn't really distract me from driving.

View looking easterly towards the Toronto Skyline from the Winston Churchill Boulevard overtop of the QEW:


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