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Highest km-marker in Canada (and North America)?

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--- Quote from: oscar on April 12, 2020, 05:14:52 PM ---Any info I'm missing to confirm or not QC 138 segments in La Romaine, Chevery, and Pakuashipi, and whether they are signed as such? I've searched for "Romaine", "Chevery" and "Pakuashipi" in the French-language version of the Transports Quebec website (more complete than the English-language version -- English translations of some pages are available on the French site version), and got some results but they don't really answer my question. Not knowing much French, I don't know if I'm missing something on the Transports Quebec or other government websites.

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You are not missing much and you probably got most things right.

The account of Chevery resident is probably accurate; the stub might be still signed as 138 though they are not marked anymore as such in the MTQ inventory. Perhaps the ministry revised its numbering when the definite route was chosen. But one thing is certain, signage maintenance might not be a priority there (as well as in other parts of the province, where downloaded roads still have pre-90's signage), and might only come once the road is connected to the land.

I wouldn't bet on permanence of the Mutton Bay―La Tabatière R-138 designation, as the under-construction route circles the agglomeration to the north. As for the Pakuashipi road, I highly doubt it will ever bear R-138 designation; it's most certain that the new road will bypass Pakuashipi and Saint-Augustin to the far north, avoiding the need for a crossing over the large mouth of the Pakua sipi river.

It's probably the same for Vieux-Fort : R-138 will certainly be rerouted westward through the town.


--- Quote from: Alps on October 26, 2012, 09:13:44 PM ---Does Quebec milepost every route? I can only recall seeing it on autoroutes and high-grade corridors. My guess is that even if the route is longer than 1902 km, it won't be mileposted. (Note: "milepost" is the verb from centuries ago, even if we're not talking miles.)

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On this map, the black lines are, in fact, dots, and each dot is a milepost.  As you can see, not all Quebec roads are mileposted.

You can find this map at


--- Quote from: oscar on October 26, 2012, 08:29:57 PM ---(...)

-- If Quebec ever fills in the gap between the main and Blanc Sablon segments of QC 138, and places km-markers on the latter (there weren't any in August 2011), would it have km-markers above 1902?

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...good question.  Actual last km-marker on QC-138 is 1418, just about 1,5 km before entering in the village of Kegaska. If we believe the MTQ when they say that about 400 km are missing on QC-138, and we add all actual sections of QC-138 not connected together yet, we'll be close to 1902 if we don't reach it.

BTW, the highest actual km-marker in province of Quebec is 1484, on QC-132, south of Routhierville, along Matapedia valley.


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