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--- Quote from: dmuzika on May 05, 2021, 01:07:04 AM ---Airdrie's growth is pretty crazy, I wonder when it will pass Lethbridge and Red Deer to become the 3rd largest city in the province? It would have to surpass 100K but that's doable based on it's more recent growth.

I'm curious if a second commuter highway into Calgary will be considered. Highway 2/Deerfoot Trail can have its issues, especially in the winter, that cause big delays during the rush. Compare it to Edmonton-Sherwood Park (3 routes) or Edmonton-Spruce Grove/Stony Plain (2 routes) and the population would probably support it. Maybe a northern extension of Dwight Mclennan (Metis) Trail from Balzac.

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The question is where you would put that second route. Tie it into the east side of 201?

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I guess it depends what kind of standard. If going for an arterial, one could extend Dwight McLennan Tr north from from Hwy 566 to Yankee Valley Blvd or Hwy 567 as it integrates well into Calgary's road network, but there's a number of acreages in between Balzac and Airdrie so it could never be a freeway. Maybe an alternative is having Range Road 292 could tie into Metis Trail, and upgrading it north of Hwy 566.

An easy win would be to upgrade 14 St NE (Calgary)/Range Road 11/8 St SW (Airdrie), an existing rural road with ROW for an interchange along Stoney Trail, but it's more of a collector road in Calgary that ends in an industrial park south of Country Hills Blvd. Further west, Range Road 13/Harvest Hills Blvd/Centre St has similar issues where it ends at Beddington Trail - both options would force traffic back onto Deerfoot Trail.

I've heard that the ROW exists for a northern extension of the East Freeway (i.e. the northeast corner of Stoney Trail), but that's a ways off and would put traffic significantly east of Airdrie, so it might not be that useful but would serve more-so as an Airdrie regional bypass. Another option could be to link Shaganappi Trail to Hwy 772, but it is located significantly west of Airdie.


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