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J N Winkler:

--- Quote from: route56 on April 13, 2015, 12:33:29 PM ---I haven't seen any new arialveticverstesk signs up here in northeast Kansas.
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I wonder if proximity to KDOT HQ may have something to do with that.

--- Quote from: route56 on April 13, 2015, 12:33:29 PM ---If I read the signage plans correctly, the "Ave." suffix is still omitted at Kellogg (US 54/400). Also, since the signage on Kellogg itself is not part of this project, there will still be omitted suffixes.
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The action signs on I-135 leading to Kellogg (which indeed do not have the suffixes) are marked with filled black hexagons, which means "existing to remain."  They were installed a few years ago when option lanes were added at the turban.  The contract does provide for Kellogg to be identified as "Kellogg Ave" on replacement interchange sequence signs on I-135.  (It is already so identified on I-235 signs, which are not being replaced in the vicinity of the current interchange since it is due for phased upgrade to a stack/turban hybrid over the next few years.)

It is true that Kellogg is not being touched by this contract, so suffixless legends will remain there for a while.  I don't know when KDOT plans to do Kellogg.  It could use some signing upgrades, though the most dilapidated signs around the airport connector volleyball, which might have dated all the way back to its construction as a US 54 spur in the 1970's, were replaced a few years ago.


--- Quote from: situveux1 on April 12, 2015, 12:48:28 PM ---My apologies if this isn't the appropriate thread for this question/comment, but has anyone noticed the low quality of work by KDOT on re-signing projects lately? I-135 in Harvey County was just done I noticed and there were several wood posts that were bent over and clearly low quality. I could even see it when driving by at 75mph. Also, they used white directional signs atop the 135 shields thru the whole county instead of white on blue background interstate directional signs. Then I saw they used the blue directional signs on US-56 in McPherson. Yea, I know it's not that big of a deal, but if we're paying for new signs, shouldn't they be correctly placed and marked and better than what was there before? Does KDOT do any follow up on their contractors to make sure they've done everything right?

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I saw the Harvey County signage when I was going up to Salina for the state basketball tournament in March.

June, 2015

77-31 KA-2367-03: Widening and overlay of US 77 from just south of I-70 to McFarland Street, including new turn lanes and signals at Ash Street and McFarland Street. Also, reconstruction and new signal at K-18 and Spring Valley Road, all on the west side of Junction City. No FYAs involved.

83-90 KA-0751-01: US 83 reconstruction from the Sheridan/Thomas County line to the junction with K-23 and K-383. Includes very specific signage detail, including an apparent gaffe at Road 110 W. Although most new signage is mixed-case, the signs at the Selden City Limits are, for whatever reason, upper case only. Detour plans via US 24 and K-23.

50-40 KA-1827-06: Extension of a passing lane on US 50 near Halstead in Harvey County.

50-40 KA-1827-07: Widening of US 50 to 4 lanes on the west side of Newton. Includes new guide signage which is in all capital letters.

87 KA-2949-01: ITS/WICHWay improvments in Wichita.

83-41 KA-1008-07: Rebuilding of the US 83/US 56 intersection near Sublette. Possibly due to the proximity of a railroad grade crossing, this location was not deemed suitable for a roundabout, and will remain a 4-way stop. Signage along US 83 is detailed, but much of it is not part of this project. A signage upgrade along this stretch of US 83 is slated to be completed by the time this contract is let and work started

69-46 KA-3600-01: Addition of KC SCOUT cameras along US 69 in southern Johnson County.

46 KA-4023-01: Replacment of KC SCOUT VMS in Johnson County.

96-87 KA-4145-01: Replace a cantilever and sign on K-96 at Greenwich Road in Wichita.

9-58 KA-2101-01: Bridge replacment west of Waterville in Marshall County. Detour via US 77, US 36, and K-148

July, 2015

7 C 4672-01: Signage on the Major Collector roads of Brown County. Mostly off-the-shelf signage, with at least one set of warning signs for a low water crossing.

15-14 KA-3085-01: Culvert replacment on K-15 south of Clay Center. Traffic to be carried via a Shoo-fly Detour

85 U 0222-01: Off-Street sidewalk construction to Lakewood School on the east side of Salina.

258-82 KA-2088-01: Reconstruction of the junction of US 24 and K-258, replacing a diamond interchange with an at-grade intersection.

71 C-4619-01: Bridge Replacment on a county road east of Alton.

281-76 KA-3551-01: Reconstruction of part of North Main Street (US 281) in Pratt. Detour via US 54/400, K-61, and 30th Road.

J N Winkler:

--- Quote from: route56 on June 22, 2015, 02:04:17 PM ---258-82 KA-2088-01: Reconstruction of the junction of US 24 and K-258, replacing a diamond interchange with an at-grade intersection.
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It is hard to look at this project without feeling a sense of profound dismay.  To build the grade separation in the first place, and then to demolish it and regrade the embankments to form a flat intersection, is literally an example of paying someone to dig holes in the ground and then paying someone else to throw the dirt back into the holes.


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