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END signs

Started by Inyomono395, February 08, 2017, 09:42:35 PM

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End of Winnipeg Route 150

Max Rockatansky

The eastern end of CA 180 with a missing "end" placard:

IMG_6578 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

Really you can still tell the maintenance changes due to the color of the asphalt shifting suddenly from Caltrans to the National Park Service.

Max Rockatansky

Fresh "ends" from this week starting with the big oddity with US 319:

1 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

FL 589 north terminus:

IMG_6996 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

CR 587:

IMG_6973 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr


Southern end of highway 23 at highway 7

And just down the road is the western end of highway 7 at highway 4


End of County Route 54 in Albany County.  Continues on as County Route 53.  Why two route numbers?  Probably because Ben's Bridge over the yards was torn down instead of replaced.

Please note: All comments here represent my own personal opinion and do not reflect the official position(s) of NYSDOT.

Max Rockatansky

FL 997 End:

IMG_8509 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

I-575 End:

IMG_7481 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

GA 60s End:

IMG_7496 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr


End PA 48 (at US 22 Business in Monroeville, PA)

PA Route 48 - Monroeville, PA by Jon Dawson, on Flickr

End PA 410 (at US 119 in Big Run, PA)

PA 410 @ US 119 - Big Run, PA by Jon Dawson, on Flickr

End PA 926 (at PA 3 in Willistown, PA)

PA Route 3 @ PA Route 926 - Willistown, PA by Jon Dawson, on Flickr

End US 422 (at US 322 in Hershey, PA)

Western terminus of US 422 (eastern leg) - Hershey, PA by Jon Dawson, on Flickr

End PA 288 (at PA 18 in Wampum, PA)

PA Route 288 @ PA Route 18 - Wampum, PA by Jon Dawson, on Flickr
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The main intersection in Harriston, ON is the endpoint of three provincial highways (9, 23, and 89), and each one has an ENDS sign. I'll have to head up there this summer for photos (and I would like to clinch 9 and 89 if possible).

Max Rockatansky

WA 307 END:

307WAend by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

Weird looking placard IMO.  Interestingly I noticed Washington does a lot of BEGIN placards.


Some END signs from the past week or so in the Indiana/Illinois/Kentucky Tri-State region. Apologies for bad quality, my windshield is mighty dirty and camera isn't the greatest. I also apologize for the massive image sizes.

IN-168 END, Owensville, IN:

I-69 END, Evansville, IN:

IN-64 END, East Mt. Carmel, IN:

IL-15 END, Mt. Carmel, IL:

IN-65 END DETOUR, Princeton, IN:

I drive by the IN-64 and IL-15 END signs every day on the way to work.


Odd "ENDS" sign for Highway 24 in Simcoe, ON

EDIT: This highway 24 shield is from before 1997. Highway 24 used to continue past this intersection until it was downloaded in '97. I guess they decided to add ENDS on the shield instead of as a separate tab, even though there appears to be room for a tab :hmm:


End WV 100 (at US 19 in Westover, WV)

WV Route 100 southern terminus by Jon Dawson, on Flickr

End PA 756 (at PA 403 in Johnstown, PA)

PA Route 756 western terminus by Jon Dawson, on Flickr

End WV 891 (at US 250 in Cameron, WV)

WV Route 891 @ US 250 by Jon Dawson, on Flickr

End PA 641 (at US 522 in Shade Gap, PA)

PA Route 641 @ US 522 - Shade Gap, PA by Jon Dawson, on Flickr
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just some new ones

Northwestern end of I-290 near Chicago

IL-I-290NT by Paul Drives, on Flickr

East end of IL-62

IL-062ET by Paul Drives, on Flickr

West end of IL-137

IL-137WT by Paul Drives, on Flickr
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A few ends from a trip I took two weekends ago (May 12-13) to photograph MN-225 and MN-112 before they're turned back to Becker and Le Sueur Counties, respectively. For this post, here is 225 and bonus nearby route, MN-226. I might eventually get around to doing photo essays about 225 and 112, but for now this will do.

West end of MN-225 in the unincorporated community of Ponsford. It continues on as Becker CR-26.

East end of MN-225 at MN-34.

(Another angle from across the intersection)

Now for the bonus, a short (<1 mile) route on the opposite side of Park Rapids, MN-226. This is at the south end with (again) MN-34.

Now the north end, in the unincorporated town of Dorset, doesn't have a proper END MN-226 marker. Instead, it has this sign, something I've never seen before in Minnesota. Close-up of the sign, which shows just how old it is. 226 was established in 1949, and I'm thinking that sign is only slightly younger than that, if at all younger, period.


There is an "END STATE MAINTENANCE" sign at the east end of MN 11. It used to have a traditional END shield in addition to that, but it was removed by the time I got to see it for myself.
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Max Rockatansky


Nice old school Texaco sign in the first MN 225 END pic.

I went back and redid my CA 41 END at the northern terminus today.  Had a hell of a time crossing from the southbound lane with all the traffic to Yosemite:

0 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

IMG_9597 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr


Alright, now for MN-112 (and for a bonus, the rather nearby MN-93!)

MN-112's eastern terminus is at MN-99 just west of Le Center, at an unusual semi-divided intersection due to the angle of the two routes.

Then, several miles, a 90 degree bend north, and four turns within Le Sueur itself later (one of which being the junction with MN-93; see below), you'll find yourself at the western terminus with US-169. (The road, however, is roughly heading north here.)

MN-93's southern terminus at MN-112 in Le Sueur

As for why the 112 shield is mounted weirdly like that, the signs on MN-93 had very recently been replaced, and for whatever reason they used the old sign posts instead of putting in new, adequately spaced ones. (The stickers on the back actually said May 2017 so it's quite likely I just missed my chance on possibly getting some scrap signs ;-)) Anyway, the old 112 shield was square, as seen in this picture that I probably posted earlier in this thread. That picture is from August 2014.

Now for MN-93's northern terminus at MN-19 in Henderson. Strangely, this sign is posted before the JCT MN-19 sign, which you'd be able to see if it weren't for the trees in the boulevard.

(Here's the actual intersection of 19 and 93.)

Now, you might have realized something in reading this: when MN-112 is turned back, that will leave MN-93 as a spur route dead ending in Le Sueur. It wouldn't be unprecedented, but there might also be a change with 93. I'm not sure it is known yet what MnDOT plans to do, although leaving it as a spur is probably most likely, at least for the immediate future.

Max Rockatansky

Dug up this CA 270 END on Bodie Road while looking through albums:

6 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

Max Rockatansky

CA 146 End in East Pinnacles National Park:

IMG_9712A by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

County Route G14 End:

IMG_9836 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

Max Rockatansky

CA 16 End:

16CAend by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

CA 32 End:

32CAend by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr


I-69 Ends at I-465 in Indianapolis (though soon this will no longer be the case)

Max Rockatansky

From today...

CA 270:

270CAend by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

CA 158:

158CAend by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

CA 203:

203CAend by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

CA 167:

395USc by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr


I-89 ends, approaching I-93

Taken yesterday.

I now have a Flickr account with about 25 road photos (and 23 Minecraft photos, and one "Chinese Sushi" photo). More than half of the road photos were taken yesterday.

Traveled, plus
US 13, 44, 50
MA 22, 35, 40, 107, 109, 126, 141, 159
NH 27, 111A(E); CA 133; NY 366; GA 42, 140; FL A1A, 7; CT 32; VT 2A, 5A; PA 3, 51, 60, QC 162, 165, 263; 🇬🇧A100, A3211, A3213, A3215, A4222; 🇫🇷95 D316

Lowest untraveled: 25


Allow me to add some new ones taken on my latest trip, from June 23rd. (Click to see full-size image.)

IA-281's (south)west end at the eastern Waterloo city limit.

And then IA-281's (north)east end at Oelwein

Additionally, the ends of IA-8

East end at US-218 between La Porte City and Vinton

West end in Traer, at US-63

Finally, the ends of IA-96

East end at US-63

West end at IA-14 north of Marshalltown


Western end of I-24 in Illinois, while stuck waiting in traffic merging onto I-57. June 18, 2017:

The end of IL-1 in Cave-in-Rock, at the Ohio River ferry to KY-91 and Crittenden County. June 16, 2017:

The eastern end of I-155 in Dyersburg, TN, as it turns into US-51 (and future I-69). June 18, 2017:

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