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If there's a topic for END signs, then there should also be a topic for BEGINS signs :)

Wellington CR 30 near Maryhill, ON

Waterloo RR 55 in Breslau, ON

Wellington CR 32  by Hwy 7 near Guelph, ON

Maple Grove Rd (Waterloo RR 38) by Formery Hwy 24 in Cambridge, ON

And a 60 km/h sign :-P

Pretty sure when I was a kid I saw a BEGIN US 14 assembly in Rochester, MN.



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Here's going the opposite way, for the first image:

And my version of that second image:

The Begin MN-244 marker at the junction/terminus of MN-120

And the old MN-5 terminus at MN-36 in Stillwater

Finally, the Begin I-55 marker in Chicago

Edit to include one I forgot I had, the Begin Iowa 330 marker in Altoona:


There should be a BEGIN sign over the 168 shield since this is the beginning of the eastern leg of 168. Instead just the BEGIN sign for the scenic route.


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