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What road did you leave on and reenter your state when you left it?

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--- Quote from: Hot Rod Hootenanny on March 19, 2023, 10:21:00 PM ---Saturday I took a brief foray out of Ohio, leaving via US 50 over the Blennerhassett Bridge, then returning to Ohio via the Williamstown Bridge (WV? Oh 60? Old US 21)

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Shown on West Virginia DOT county maps as WV 31, but not signed as such.

Took a quick day trip up to New Hampshire and left and came back on I-93.

I-94 at the MN border.

April 8...Left on I-81

April 15...Returned on I-81

Last time I left California via road it was US-101 into Oregon. On the way back, took I-5 into California.


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