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Hi from Northern Virginia!

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Hey everyone!
My name is Jack, and I'm a road/highway enthusiast from Fairfax County, VA. I recently discovered the forum, and I'm exited to see what everyone will continue to post!

Welcome from Massachusetts! (Well, I'm in Paris right now.) I've been in northern Virginia, but only as part of trips to DC.

--- Quote from: orcatech on June 18, 2022, 12:49:24 PM ---I'm exited

--- End quote ---

Yes, we do that whenever we get off a freeway.

Hello from Florida! Northern Virginia is bustling, with lots of things about it. Especially since Amazon now has a second headquarters there, for example.

Welcome from the fringes of Chicagoland!

Greetings from another resident of Fairfax County. From your profile, it sounds like you may live relatively close to where I do, as I also live in the so-called "Alexandria section of Fairfax County."


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