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Hello from Cattaraugus, New York!!

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Welcome from Massachusetts. I love driving MA 2 as well. The Mohawk Trail is very scenic.

Welcome Aboard.


--- Quote from: 7/8 on July 20, 2022, 01:02:12 PM ---Welcome from Ontario! I've been to Cattaraugus County many times on ski trips to Holiday Valley (usually staying in either Ellicottville or Salamanca).

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Ellicottville is in a completely different world than the rest of Cattaraugus County. But Salamanca, that's in rough condition. However, being on the Indian Reservation, it's actually pretty hard to do much of anything.

I've already seen you around on the forum, but anyways... Welcome! I'm just about 120 miles northeast, east of Rochester and a few miles from Lake Ontario. Cattaraugus County is a great place to visit in the fall (or winter if you're into skiing, but I'm not!)


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