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--- Quote from: CNGL-Leudimin on September 30, 2022, 04:07:50 PM ---Chicago-style pizza

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Really?  You can actually find true Chicago-style pizza over there?  That surprises me.

I said that as an example of American food (which for me is "international"), that doesn't mean it is available in my area (and it isn't).


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--- Quote from: bing101 on September 28, 2022, 10:00:04 AM ---I heard stuff that the  Mexican Food in the United States was born in Southern California and Texas

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The border region in general.  Of course, California and Texas account for a lot of that border.  Nachos and burritos both have origin stories/legends that feature border cities—technically the Mexican side, but the popularity of them spread throughout the US before getting any real foothold in Mexico.

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And it's better the closer you are to the border. The Mexican food in Oklahoma is pretty good, but my wife always said it couldn't hold a candle to the stuff she had growing up in Chula Vista CA, just a few miles from Tijuana... And the best Mexican food I've ever had was a little family place in Port Aransas TX that had an elementary-school kid running the register. (Meanwhile, the worst Mexican food I've ever had was in Johnson County KS.)

I'm curious what the Mexican food scene is like in Las Vegas—it's pretty far from the border distance-wise, but ⅓ of the city identifies as Hispanic/Latino on the 2020 census, so there's bound to be something good somewhere, I would think.

Yeah, most Chinese restaurants outside of heavily-Chinese areas are American-Chinese restaurants ( Even in Canada, you can find Chinese restaurants serving that kind of food in small towns where there is basically next to no Chinese population.

Given that I grew up in a Toronto suburb with a lot of Chinese people, (and so a lot of restaurants are authentic) I didn't even know American-Chinese food was a thing until I started to travel a lot within Ontario, and noticed these Chinese restaurants in small towns.

Road Hog:
For what it's worth, I see a lot of China natives working at these "Chinese-American" restaurants, a lot of Thai natives working at Thai-American restaurants, a lot of Vietnamese working at pho places, etc. The menu is probably bastardized but it's not like Bubba's out back grilling General Tso's Chicken in a smoker.


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