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South Lincoln Beltway trip report

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SD Mapman:
Figured I'd make this its own thread. Before the arctic blast of death settles in tomorrow and the ice completely covers my car I was able to travel the completed length of the South Lincoln Beltway (NE 2) this afternoon. It's a nice drive, though a bit surreal for someone like me who's been traveling to Lincoln for cross country meets, parties, etc. before any dirt work on this whatsoever. Old NE 2 is indeed Nebraska Parkway, with no business designation, and L55W has also been decommissioned. Sorry if the photos aren't the greatest, the ice was starting to come in.

Legacy signage for NE 2 by the S. 84th Walmart

Legacy milepost. There weren't any on the beltway yet.

New streetblade for old NE 2.

The snow-covered field straight ahead is where the road used to go.

More to come after dinner.

SD Mapman:

First "JUNCTION 2" sign.

Lanes for each direction.

Several signs that tell people you have to turn left for East 2 (since no one is used to doing that).

First sign for Old Hwy 2.

Second sign for Old Hwy 2.

Exit signage for Old Hwy 2.

SD Mapman:

Upcoming exits, only the 70th St one is currently open.

First reassurance shield on the Beltway.

Signage for the closed 84th St exit.

Signage for the closed 84th St exit.

Sign gantries sitting on the closed bridge.

Reassurance shield and signage for the currently open exit (14 blocks to the mile in Lincoln).

SD Mapman:

Use 68th St to get to Roca and Hickman (farm towns that have become suburbs).

68th/70th exit.

Next two exits.

Shield after the 68th/70th exit.

Jamaica Ave./Bennet Rd exit.

No more exits till 77.

Last NE 2 shield.

77 coming up.

Last exit on the bypass.

Thanks for sharing! Great to see this nearing completion. It is indeed a surreal experience to drive through a finished project after following its progress for years.


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