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Regional Chains that your curious about

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I noticed in GSV that a local eatery in Milford, DE called Grotto Pizza has a store on DE 1 at 10th Street with a billboard nearby listing it as being in several Sussex County cities within Delaware. So I assume it’s a regional chain in South Delaware.

Though this thread could be about any small localized chain anywhere, I’m asking if anyone ever tried this brand and how good or bad they are?

Thought we had an extensive thread already on regional chains.

I'm intrigued by Nautical Bowls, a Twin Cities-based chain that has quickly expanded across the country, but whose only Northeast location is here in Webster, NY. Is it just coincidence that I have ties to both places? Webster is a great choice (where life is worth living!), but not where most chains enter the Rochester market, maybe not even in the top 5. For example, CFA went Greece>Henrietta>Irondequoit, with plans for a 4th location in Penfield.

Everyone tells me I need to try Raising Cane's but they're all nowhere near me.

I finally tried Huddle House in York, SC last year and I thought it was way better than Waffle House. And they have chicken fried steak. I can't get that at Waffle House.

Supposedly we're getting a Sheetz in Boone sometime soon. Will have to try that.

To answer the OP, the only Grotto Pizza I know of is on New Street in New York (around the block from Bowling Green). I don't believe it's part of a chain.

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