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A round of funding was announced on 11/17/14 for various highway projects across Wyoming ...

- $10.8 million for installing coupled shear piles to stabilize the Hoback North landslide along US 26-89-189-191 about 10 miles south of Jackson. Contract completion by June 30, 2016.
- $10.4 million for a contract to resurface and widen 8 miles of WYO 51 east of Gillette. Work includes widening shoulders to 6 feet. adding a new layer of pavement, installing turn lanes at the highway’s intersection with Potter Lane and the entrance to the Black Hills Corp. power plant, upgrading traffic signals at the intersection with Garner Lake Road, and constructing a one-mile bike and pedestrian path. Contract completion by Oct. 31, 2015.
- $6.6 million contract for concrete repairs on 5.9 miles of the eastbound lanes of I-80 east of Walcott Junction. Contract completion by Oct. 31, 2015.
- $3.86 million contract to grind off deteriorating pavement and replace it with a new layer of pavement on 10 miles of US 85 immediately east of I-25 north of Cheyenne. Contract completion by Oct. 31, 2015.
- $2.7 million for pavement rehabilitation on 6.5 miles of WYO 296 (Chief Joseph Highway). The work will include some shoulder flattening, a pavement overlay and a chip seal to the top of Dead Indian Pass about 37 miles northwest of Cody. Work completion by Sept. 30, 2015.
- $518,000 contract for extending sidewalks, curb and gutter on WYO 30-789 in Basin and upgrading sidewalks on WYO 433 to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Contract completion by Oct. 31, 2015.

A round of funding was announced on 12/17/14 by WyoDOT:

A 7-mile section of Interstate 90 between the Powder River and the Johnson-Campbell County line will get a new layer of pavement under a $13.2 million contract won by Simon Contractors and Subsidiaries of Cheyenne. The project also will include rehabilitation work on six bridges on the highway section. The contract completion date is June 30, 2017.

High Country Construction of Lander submitted the low bid of $10.3 million for improvements to 4.4 miles of the northbound lanes of Interstate 25 about 5 miles west of Douglas. The work will include milling off deteriorating pavement, replacing it with a new layer of pavement, widening the safety shoulders by 2 feet on each side of the highway and replacing the bridge over La Prele Creek. Northbound traffic will be diverted into one of the southbound lanes in April, and the project is expected to be done by Oct. 31.

Worland’s McGarvin-Moberly Construction was the low bidder at $3.7 million for a new 2-inch layer of asphalt on 14 miles of WYO 130 between Centennial and Ryan Park. Parking areas along the highway also will be repaved, and the work is scheduled for completion by Aug. 31.

A 12-mile section of WYO 130 north of Saratoga also will get deteriorating pavement milled off and replaced with a new layer of pavement under a $3.7 million contract won by Mountain Construction Co. of Lovell. The contract completion date is Oct 31.

Both of the WYO 130 projects are among the 14 projects WYDOT plans to begin this year with the additional revenue the department expects to receive from the fuel tax increase that took effect in 2013.

Simon Contractors and Subsidiaries of Cheyenne submitted the low bid of $1.5 million to complete a full-depth reclamation and chip seal on WYO 313 from Chugwater 19 miles east into Goshen County. The full-depth reclamation on 2.5 miles of the section will entail grinding up the existing cracked pavement and using that as a base for a new 3-inch layer of asphalt. The chip seal will cover the entire 19-mile section. Work is not expected to begin until summer and the contract completion date is Oct. 31.

Wilson Brothers Construction of Cowley won a $985,000 contract for landslide repairs along I-90 south of Sheridan. The Marshall Hill slide about 2 miles south of Sheridan will be stabilized by drilling 80 holes 25 feet deep into the unstable soil, filling the holes with crushed rock and compacting the rock. The Meade Creek slide about 3.4 miles further south will get 320 of the stabilizing aggregate columns. Some of the unstable soil on the slopes below the highway also will be replaced with lightweight scoria rock. The contract calls for the slide work to be done by the end of March and all work to be completed by May 31.

JM Concrete of Idaho Falls was the low bidder at $158,000 for a contract to repair timber components under the Fish Creek Bridge on WYO 22 just east of Wilson. The work will include using jacks to lift the bridge deck slightly while it is still carrying traffic, and replacing two rotting timber pile caps under the deck. The work must be done during the winter months when the water level in Fish Creek is low, and the contract completion date is April 30.
Gillette’s S&S Builders won a $146,000 contract to repair a concrete girder on a county road bridge over I-90 about 7 miles east of Sundance. The girder was damaged when it was struck by a truck hauling logging equipment. The repairs will include replacing reinforcing steel inside the girder and then patching the concrete. The work is scheduled to be done by Feb. 28.

Contract West Roofing of Salt Lake City was awarded a $34,000 contract to replace the roof on the Star Valley Rest Area on US 89 about 10 miles north of Afton. The contract completion date is March 15.


WYDOT has committed to using all revenue from the 10-cent fuel tax increase for work to maintain the state's highway system in its current condition. The following list indicates planned projects utilizing these funds, as found on the WyoDOT webpage:

--- Quote ---FY 2015:
1. US 26 - Pavement milling and overlay; 2.4 miles contract awarded
2. WYO 432 - Pavement overlay; 10.1 miles, contract awarded
3. WYO 376 in Rock Springs - Bridge work
4. Various routes - Chip sealing; 15.2 miles, contract awarded
5. US 20-26-87 in Douglas - Pavement overlay; 1.3 miles
6. US 85 - Pavement milling, overlay and chip sealing; 10.1 miles, contract awarded
7. WYO 296 - Pavement overlay; 6.6 miles, contract awarded
  8. US 30-287 - Pavement overlay with widening; 6.6 miles, contract awarded
  9. US 14-16-20 Pavement overlay; 4.4 miles
10. US 287 - Pavement overlay; 4.7 miles, contract awarded
11. WYO 28 - Pavement overlay; 3.9 miles contract awarded
12. WYO 130-230 - Pavement overlay; 12 miles, contract awarded
13. WYO 414 - Pavement overlay; 2.7 miles
14. WYO 130 - Pavement overlay; 14 miles, contract awarded

FY 2016:
1. US 20-26-87 in Casper - Bridge work
2. WYO 220 in Casper - Pavement milling and overlay; 2.4 miles
3. WYO 387 - Pavement overlay; 9.8 miles
4. US 26 - Pavement overlay; 5.1 miles
5. WYO 310 - Pavement overlay; 4.4 miles
6. US 16 - "Microsurfacing" overlay; 7.5 miles
7. US 85 - Pavement overlay; 8 miles
8. WYO 230 - Pavement overlay; 10.2 miles
  9. WYO 296 - Pavement overlay; 13 miles
10. US 14-16-20 in Cody - Pavement overlay; 1.1 miles
11. WYO 270 - Pavement overlay; 10.9 miles
12. US 85 - Chip sealing; 36.1 miles
13. US 20-26 - Pavement overlay; 6.2 miles
14. WYO 24 - Pavement overlay; 9.6 miles
15. WYO 170 - Pavement overlay; 5.7 miles
16. WYO 585 - "Microsurfacing overlay; 10.7 miles
17. WYO 193 - Pavement overlay with widening; 6 miles

FY 2017:
1. WYO 130 - Pavement overlay; 10 miles
2. WYO 10 - Pavement overlay; 9 miles
3. US 20-26-287 in Casper - Pavement overlay; 4.2 miles
4. Various routes - Chip sealing
5. WYO 238 - Pavement overlay; 8.7 miles
6. WYO 335 - Pavement overlay; 6 miles
7. WYO 136 - Pavement overlay; 12.2 miles
8. US 191 - Pavement overlay; 7.2 miles
  9. WYO 230 - Pavement overlay; 9 miles
10. US 16 - Pavement overlay; 8.5 miles
11. US 20 - Pavement overlay; 7.6 miles
12. WYO 120 - Pavement overlay; 11 miles
13. US 287 - Pavement overlay; 6.1 miles
14. WYO 120 - Pavement overlay; 6.2 miles
15. US 14 - Pavement overlay; 0.6 mile
16. WYO 220 in Casper - Pavement overlay; 0.3 miles
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Town and county leaders may adopt a transportation plan today that will outline the future of Jackson Hole’s roads, pathways and public transit.
The plan has met strong resistance from South Park residents who oppose a new road the plan recommends to link South Park Loop and Highway 22. The plan also calls for doubling of the county’s annual subsidy for public transit by 2024.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---An expanded Highway 22 and a new thoroughfare known as the Tribal Trails connector road are two of the least popular recommendations in the plan. Opponents of the Tribal Trails connector road have gathered nearly 300 signatures from residents who do not want to see it built. Proponents say the road is needed as a backup in the county road network in the event the “Y”  intersection of Highways 89 and 22 – the choke point in county transportation – should close. Advocates also say that the road’s construction might induce the Wyoming Department of Transportation to rebuild the “Y”  intersection smaller than sometimes envisioned. A recent WYDOT study showed that the intersection is at its capacity and needs to be enlarged.
--- End quote ---

Earlier I gave a list of projects funded by the 10 cent fuel tax. An update provided by WyoDOT suggests that several projects have been completed or are in progress as noted below.

--- Quote ---Completed projects

  1.  WYO 28 - Pavement overlay;  9.7 miles
  2.  WYO 28 - Pavement overlay; 10.3 miles
  3.  US 191- Pavement overlay; 7.8 miles
  4.  US 18 - Pavement overlay; 10.2 miles
  5.  WYO 196 - Pavement overlay; 5.5 miles
  6.  US 16 in Worland - Pavement  rehabilitation; 0.1 mile
  7.  US 20 - Pavement rehabilitation; 0.3 mile
  8.  WYO 30 - Pavement overlay; 5.7 miles
  9.  US 16-20 - Pavement overlay; 8 miles
10.  US 14 - Pavement overlay; 7.3 miles
12.  US 89 - Pavement overlay; 3 miles
13.  US 189 - Pavement overlay; 10.2 miles
14.  US 189 - Pavement overlay; 10.5 miles
15.  WYO 116 - Pavement overlay with widening; 5.1 miles
16.  WYO 28 - Chip sealing; 15.3 miles
18.  US 26-287 - Reconstruction; 2.3 miles

Projects underway

11.  Various routes - Bridge work
17.  US 14A in Lovell - Pavement rehabilitation
19.  WYO 433 - Pavement overlay with widening; 3.5 miles

--- End quote ---

The FY 15-17 project lists are the same as above.


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