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I am struggling with my planned trip to Newfoundland and Labrador.  I will be traveling by motorcycle from Dallas to Northern Maine (two 1000 mile days), across NB, bridge to PI, ferry to NS and ferry to Newfoundland then a ferry to Labrador.  I'll return to Newfoundland and take a different ferry route to NS then loop NS before heading back to Dallas via Cincinnati.

I am an experienced long distance motorcycle traveler.  I have been working on this trip for a long time so my route is already planned in good detail including must see places and stops.

My problem is the time of year.  The way it looks at present i will leave Dallas, TX around June 10 and arrive on Newfoundland 8 to 14 days later (depending if I loop NS before or after going to Newfoundland) putting me on Newfoundland between Jun 18 and June 24. 

I would like to leave for Newfoundland in late July but I have another trip to the NW US planned for July 30 to August 9 that is not flexible. I really don't want to run the two trips close together but considering the weather up there in June I may need to.

One consideration I have looked at, although it would push me, is leaving for Newfoundland following the same route as above the last half of August and after my NW trip.

I will be riding a motorcycle and I plan to camp about half of the nights.  What can I expect weather wise in June as to temps, wind, rain?   

Thank you

US 41:
I entered Canada at around 10 PM at Sault Ste Marie, ON, on July 5th. I was in Canada all day on the 6th and 7th. I was there half of the day on the 8th at Niagara Falls. Here was the weather pattern for me.

July 5th (night)- rain
6th- rain all day
7th- no cloud in the sky all day
8th (morning)- rain

As far as the temperature goes it was 70's the whole time (perfect). There were no mosquitos, biting knats, etc. The farthest east I drove was Ottawa. I did do some Quebec driving from Pembroke, ON to Gatineau. The day I was in Ottawa was the 7th and it was the most perfect day. I could actually see myself living in Canada or northern Michigan in the summers one day.

I would think that June would be pretty similar. As far as rain goes it is pretty similar to the midwest and eastern US. It's more of a hit and miss thing. I always seem to run into heavy rain at some point on my road trips. June-August is definitely the best time of the year to visit Canada.

I'm sure you already know this, but the bridge to PEI costs $46 CAD ($33 USD, cost is for round trip, you pay when you leave the island). I remember that being a jaw dropper when I first read that.

If you wanted to get really adventurous you could take the ferry from Fortune, Newfoundland to Saint Pierre and Miquelon which are three islands that are actually part of France. I think the ferry ride is one hour long. It costs $93 CAD (67 USD) to take the ferry (round trip), but if you want to go to France while you're up that way there's your opportunity. FYI it is a passenger only ferry and parking for your motorcycle costs $10.

I was there in August and it was all 60 degrees and raining. Truth be told, you're lucky at any time not to deal with cold and rain when you're surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. I wouldn't bother moving it to July, it's all a crapshoot.

I'll say this - you save $20 by looping NS first, going through NL, then doing PEI at the end - the bridge toll (leaving the island) is cheaper than the ferry. Both are free entering the island.

Historical averages for Saint John's Newfoundland in June:

Well you guys came through for me.  I appreciate the information.  It appears June or July or August won't make a lot of difference.  I think I'll stick with the June trip.  I know the weather will be unpredictable any time.  I just thought later would be better odds for warmer and less wet.  At least in June there will be more day light.  Maybe less tourist.  The ferry and bridge options to PI were new info for me, thanks.  I knew both had a fee but I did not realize they were free going to the island but cost to return.  Maybe I'll just stay. :hmmm: That is an interesting concept.

A buddy and I visited the Maritime Provinces by car in 1975 when I was 26.  I always regretted not going to Newfoundland and Labrador.  Back then there was no bridge to Prince Edward Island and I can't remember if we paid both ways or not. Returning to them while adding Newfoundland and Labrador has been on my list for years.  At my age I am running out of birthdays, so I need to get up there. 

After this trip I can say my made in the USA Honda VTX 1300R motorcycle has taken me to 49 states, DC, and all of the provinces except Nunavut.  I'd love to ship it to HI but too many $$$.

Thanks again


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