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A recent Great Falls Tribune article (6/8/2017) describes planned construction activities around Montana this summer. Here, I've summarized eight projects highlighted in that article.

1. Interstate 15 NW of Great Falls between Emerson Junction and Manchester pavement reconstruction/replacement of 50-year-old pavement at a cost of $8.75 million

2. Multiple Helena-area projects: Capital/Cedar Street Bridge in Helena, replacement of rail line overpass, and addition of Interstate 15 traffic lane at a cost of $25.07 million

3. Multiple Great Falls-area repaving projects: 8th Avenue North (between 15th and 26th Streets), Overlook Drive, south-central arterials (13th Street, 24th Avenue South and 26th Street South) at a cost of $5.27 million

4. U.S. 87 road surface repaving between Raynesford and Geyser (32 miles NE of Great Falls) a cost of $3.50 million

5. U.S. 89 road reconstruction north of 3.7-mile segment north of Bynum including fencing and cattle guards at a cost of $4.26 million (the article notes that this project is "the continuation of a multi-year effort to rebuild Highway 89 along its entire length from Dupuyer to Fairfield –  a scenic route but one that was narrow, curvy and fell well short of 21st century standards. 'It was a horrible road before we reconstructed it,' (an MDT spokesman) said. 'A lot of it was built in the mid-1930s. We’ve got the worst of the worst done now, and we’re actually working on the design of the Choteau north project.'"

6. U.S. 89 new culvert installation (along with road improvements) west of Browning at a cost of $7.43 million

7. Multiple Havre projects, including the 7th Ave Bridge (north of Main Street over the BNSF Railway tracks) and the junction between U.S. 2 and U.S. 87 (includes new sidewalks and accessibility improvements) at a cost of $2.83 million

8. Secondary Highway 409; converting 6-mile gravel road into paved road from Chester north toward the Canadian border at a cost of $3.61 million

For up-to-date road conditions and information on potential highway road construction delays, log on to the Montana Department of Transportation’s road report at

Billy F 1988:
Russell Street Bridge in Missoula. Self explanatory. The thing is crumpling very slowly. It's needing a much needed upgrade despite the interruption of traffic.

Let's take a drive down MT 135, the St. Regis-Paradise Scenic Byway in western Montana. It's often considered to be a scenic shortcut to Glacier National Park from I-90.

Let's take a trip down US 93 through the Flathead Valley and along the Mission Mountains between Whitefish and Missoula.

Billy F 1988:
I have officially deduced that Missoula's area roadways are annoying as POOP to drive on at the afternoon hours every day.

(Yes, Broadway. That means you!) >(


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