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Around Metro Detroit:

* After months of construction, I-94/I-69 in Port Huron has reopened. There's three new spans over the Black River, one westbound bridge and two eastbound bridges, segregating local and international traffic, plus the road on each side of the river is wider now.
* Meanwhile, further down I-94, work has begun to replace lights and BGSes along a five-mile stretch in Detroit and Harper Woods. It's expected to last into 2013.
* The I-75/Dix-Toledo Highway interchange reconstruction in Brownstown Township is nearing completion.
* Other parts of I-94 in the region is being improved. The project's divided into four phases:
Phase 1 involves the overpasses at the I-275 interchange in Romulus. It is currently in progress and ends this November.
Phase 2 involved the overpasses at the M-39 interchange in Allen Park. Most of it has been completed, only northbound M-39 is still being worked on.
Phase 3 involved resurfacing between Wyoming and 2nd Streets on Detroit's west side. It is now completed.
Phase 4 involved resurfacing between M-29 and the Saint Clair/Macomb County line near New Baltimore. It is almost complete, only the eastbound shoulder remains to be worked on.
* I-96 in western Oakland County is still under construction for bridge replacement.
* Starting in 2013, construction will be performed on U.S. 23/223 in southern Monroe County. This involves interchange resurfacing, resurfacing at the Dundee Welcome Center and the modification of the U.S. 223 interchange into a dumbbell interchange.
These are just a few of many projects occurring throughout Detroit.


I was noticing in this street view that I-75 is closed for construction near the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit.  How could such an urban interstate have so much traffic placed on city streets?

Now I am aware this might be a few years ago as it looks like it was when MDOT was making its approaches to the border crossing, however now, before, or someday, it seems unusual to shut down an entire interstate in a major metropolitan area.

Happens all the time.  I-96 is scheduled to be closed this year or next between I think 275 and Telegraph.  The reconstruction work will be done quicker if you shut down the whole freeway.

In the GSV image you've linked to, 75 was closed because they actually lowered the roadbed a couple of feet during construction.

That is very interesting.  Its sounds good as they can work uninterrupted.   In Florida, FDOT would not let I-4 shut down for sure!  The most they do is close lanes.

PennDOT does it good, with shutting down one whole side of the road, do everything, and then move to the other side to finish the rest at one time.  One bad aspect in this, if someone breaks down, you cannot maneuver between the jersey barriers that are spaced 10 feet apart.

MDOT can get away with closing down an entire freeway in Detroit due to the prevalence of good alternate routes.  For example, MDOT closed down sections of the Southfield Freeway (M-39) and the primary alternate was Telegraph Road (US-24); and closed down sections of the Lodge Freeway (M-10) with alternates in the Chrysler Freeway (I-75) and Woodward Avenue (M-1).


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