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How much has your metro area grown?

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The Milwaukee metro has grown from 1.43 mil in 1990 to 1.57 mil in 2020. So only a small increase which is what I would have expected.


--- Quote from: ZLoth on February 27, 2023, 02:31:59 PM ---Let's see here... comparing the two metro areas I lived in during my adult life:

* For Sacramento, it has grown from 748,000 in 1977, to 1,004,000 in 1987, to 2,011,000 in 2017, to 2,215,000 in 2023.
* For Dallas-Fort Worth, it has grown from 2,232,000 in 1977, to 3,053,000 in 1988, to 4,065,000 in 1999, to 5,041,000 in 2009, to 6,099,000 in 2018, to 6,574,000 in 2023.At least TxDOT is doing a better job of addressing the transportation issues in DFW than CalTrans is in Sacramento....

--- End quote ---

Same here in my Life I seen this one with Sacramento MSA it gets some of its growth with Yolo, El Dorado, Placer, Yuba, Yuba, Sutter counties. However there is one county that is involved in merging both the Sacramento MSA and San Francisco Bay Area MSA's census areas together. Solano County is a case where suburban sprawl from two different census areas are merging together.

Here's another one Greater Pittsburgh MSA is tied with Greater Sacramento for metro size.


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