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Adulthoods: What we through of as kids verses actual reality

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Found these two articles from Buzzfeed:

People Are Sharing The Harsh Realities They Realized When They First Lived On Their Own
It's not always all it's cracked up to be.

People Are Sharing Adult Things They Thought Would Be Awesome As A Kid That They're Definitely Reconsidering Now That They've Grown Up
"I thought getting mail was so cool as a kid. Now as an adult, I realize that itís just bills."
--- Quote ---It feels like we all spent half of our childhood dreaming about what being an adult would be like so that we could finally do everything we wanted to do. But now that we actually are grown up, it feels like the adulthood we idealized was definitely not the reality we got.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: ZLoth on March 19, 2023, 09:58:21 AM ---"I thought getting mail was so cool as a kid. Now as an adult, I realize that itís just bills."

--- End quote ---

I still like getting mail, perhaps in no small part because all of my bills come online.

When I graduated from college (as a older student, no less), I thought I would finally be able to enjoy life and perhaps do some traveling and see the world. Boy, was I wrong. I spent the next several years paying off my college debts (it would have been faster, but I was also making full contributions to retirement funds). I thought that once I got my debts got paid off, I would be able to do some traveling. That's one of the reasons why I accepted job relocation to the DFW area because it is a major travel hub for two airlines, plus better opportunities for road trips. How wrong I was thanks to Covid in 2020 and 2021, gas prices shooting through the roof in 2022, and now being an adult caregiver. Plus, there is the problem of making sure everything is caught up or reassgined before you leave, and catching up when you get back for two weeks of PTO. I've been on some trips that could be considered major, such as heading up to Smith's Ferry in 2017 for the Solar eclipse, immediately followed by an Alaskan Cruise. But, plans for road trips have been placed on hold.

Max Rockatansky:
I thought Florida was great as a kid, I found it an incredibly boring place to live as an adult.  I was much more entertained by theme parks and beaches when I was young.  Nowadays I need some diversity in my terrain and spend more time doing things like hiking.

I used to think hot weather was great as a kid and despised cold weather.  That mindset got me has since reversed as an adult.

I also used to hate exercise early in childhood, in particular running.  This likely had to do with my severe asthma as a kid.  I ended up getting to sported in middle school which took care of the asthma.  When I turned 18 I took up distance running and kept up with it since.  I like running and general strength training exercises.  I like them enough to the point that my wife complains about how much time I spend exercising sometimes, for me itís relaxing.

As a Gen-Xer and child of the 80s, I was constantly reminded of how good life was in the immediate postwar years thanks to the 50s nostalgia and the tumult of the decades that followed. Of course, this was represented by shows such as Happy Days that were popular when I was a kid. Yes, popular media isnít the best (or even accurate) representation of life. And of course, Iím sure the reality was more complicated back then as opposed to the sitcom version, but it did seem better (hindsight being 20/20 of course). Even the Brady Bunch (on reruns in the 80s) seemed innocent.

Then growing up in the 80s, we had inflation, two-income families that left a generation of latchkey kids (raises hand), public health epidemics (AIDS, crack), declining standards of living, the Cold War, high rates of crime, and other bad things. And yet today, those times also seem innocent by comparison because I was young and detached from those realities. Now as an adult, there are times I look back to my youth and realize how good I had it, and sometimes wishing I was younger. Of course, this only happens after you get older. Some things have gotten better, and some things have gotten worse. I guess itís all a matter of perspective.


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