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PennDOT - District 10 News: PennDOT Invites Public to Comment on I-80 Canoe Creek Bridge Replacement

(For PA 228)  PennDOT - District 10 News: Old State Route 8 Road Closure on November 8

(For PA 286)  PennDOT - District 10 News: Route 286 Oakland Avenue Road Line Painting on Wednesday


--- Quote from: 74/171FAN on October 26, 2021, 07:43:45 AM ---PennDOT's YouTube page now has a video showing the rendering of the proposed DDI at I-70/PA 51.  //
--- End quote ---

That is going to be such an improvement over the antiquated cloverleaf w/ no acceleration/deceleration lanes. The DDI 27 miles to the west of this interchange (at I-70/79 and US 19) has worked wonders over what used to be there.

(For I-80/US 220)  PennDOT - District 2 News: Early November Update for Local Interchange Project

EDIT (11-3-2021):
(For US 422) PennDOT - District 8 News: Lane Shifts on Route 422 in North Londonderry Township and Palmyra Borough, Lebanon County
(For PA 288) PennDOT - District 11 News: Route 288 Zelienople Road, Route 1010 Lake Road Reopening Thursday in Franklin Township

PennDOT - District 1 News: PennDOT Starts Audio Outreach for the Bayfront Parkway Project

PennDOT - District 4 News: PennDOT Invites Public to Comment on I-81 Susquehanna Project

(For PA 981) ADVISORY NORVELT FRIDAY - PennDOT to Hold Groundbreaking Ceremony

--- Quote --- The ceremony will open the Laurel Valley Transportation Improvement Project.
--- End quote ---

"Open" should be "begin construction"...


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