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I-80 Business Loop, Reno


I drove this route from east to west on 11-20-21.  Here are some pics:

1. Sparks Victorian Square

2. One of the few reassurance shields I saw.  (I also saw at least one 'Lincoln Highway' sign but did not get a pic).

3. The route follows multiple streets; here it ducks under I-80 as part of Prater Way.

4. This roadway was part of US 40 years ago; an older motel called 'Hi-Way 40' can be seen in the driver's side rearview mirror

5. Another older motel along the route

6. The El Dorado Casino bridges over the route near where it crosses Virginia Ave (US 395 Business; the original US 395 route).

Max Rockatansky:
Did the same loop myself back in September.  I was trying to emulate US 40 but I havenít quite gotten to it on Gribblenation as a historic blog.

The Lincoln Highway had some odd jogs in it that makes it somewhat different than what was US 40.

I did not see the Business I-I-80 sign on my journey. Nice!


--- Quote from: Alps on November 25, 2021, 08:37:27 PM ---I did not see the Business I-I-80 sign on my journey. Nice!

--- End quote ---
There used to be a few more of these odd shields posted along the route in Reno and Sparks in the early 2000s, along with some older (and more correctly styled) BUS I-80 shields. Some recent reconstruction projects, especially the East 4th St revitalization that wrapped in the last couple years, have caused the removal of many of the shields.

The BUS 80 loop is signed from the inbound directions at exits 12 and 19 (BGSs replaced circa 2010 with the revamp work on I-80 around that same time), but there is little or no guidance to the route once exiting the freeway. Except for the short Prater Way section near the Spaghetti Bowl, none of the loop is currently NDOT-maintained...and reassurance shields are not well signed by the cities.


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