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Hi, new member from Ontario, Canada

Started by EJumean, February 18, 2020, 07:30:32 PM

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Hi there, I'm a long time lurker to this board, but only finally took the plunge to post something. My name is Emile, and I'm from Ontario, Canada. I've always been fascinated with roads (and road signs) since I was a kid. I'm not quite to the same level as some on this board (LOL!) but I've always found the topic fascinating. I don't really travel much due to my hectic life, but I'm always scouring Google Maps and watching drivelapse videos to see more of the world.




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Welcome from a fellow Ontario member (Kitchener in my case) :)


Welcome from Massachusetts (as well - since 1 beat me here).



Welcome from California!

Most of us don't have coronavirus!


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Welcome and hello from Western NY: not far at all from parts of Ontario, but very far away from other parts!
I travel up to the Golden Horseshoe quite a bit, having friends and family up that way.

I have also done a few trips to the London area, passed through to/from Michigan a few times, a summer trip to Tobermory, several trips to Wolfe Island and the Kingston/Thousand Islands area, and a road trip home from Winnipeg via Kenora. All that is to say, I have been around the province of Ontario a good bit, but still haven't seen all there is to see by any means!


Thanks for the welcomes! I live in Sarnia, in the southwest, right on the border with Port Huron, MI.


Welcome from the southern United States!  :wave:

I am looking forward to seeing you around on the forum.  :nod:
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Greetings Emile, I just joined yesterday.

I've been to a small section of Ontario, from Niagara Falls up to Niagara-on-the-Lake.

A belated welcome from another Californian.


Greetings from Eastern Missouri!
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