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--- Quote from: adventurernumber1 on October 12, 2014, 11:23:21 PM ---Tbh there is no need for I-12 to be extended to Dallas, for I-10 to I-49 to I-20 would do the job just fine.

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Actually, I-10 to LA 415 to US 190 to I-49 to I-20 does the job more than adequately, if you don't count the Livonia, Krotz Springs, and Port Barre speed traps.

And yeah....the 10/110 Split TOTSU and the narrowing of I-10 EB to the Washington St. exit needs to be resolved first before we can even talk about more Interstates there.

We really need to address the issues that we have with the current Interstate and local street quagmire before we build any new ones. ( which we can't afford anyway)
What we really need is some real political leadership at the local and state level....and, oh yeah a non- apathetic public. (with an interest beyond LSU sports)
I was recently in CO. (Denver metro area and west) They are way ahead of us. in both private auto and public transportation. I found driving there easier than BR. (granted I may hit it just right)

I-12 only needs widening, not extending.  I-10 & its current design is THE main issue that needs attention.  I don't know how it has lasted this long in its current state.  It is horrible!!

golden eagle:

--- Quote from: Anthony_JK on July 26, 2014, 10:38:47 AM ---Where, exactly, would you put them?? Other than I-110 being a potential (maybe) I-53 (with an upgraded US 61), and I-12 extended west along US 190, there isn't really any place to put any more Interstates.

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This just gave me an idea. I'd like to see 110, via a US 61 upgrade, extended to the Jackson area. Of course, this means Mississippi would need to get involved, and I doubt this has even been thought of by MDOT. Because there's already an I-110 in Mississippi, it have to be renumbered, maybe as I-51 or 53.


--- Quote from: golden eagle on February 01, 2015, 01:58:46 PM --- Because there's already an I-110 in Mississippi, it have to be renumbered, maybe as I-51 or 53.

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Would have to be I-53. Too close to US 51, which runs through both Louisiana and Mississippi.

And it wouldn't go to Jackson. I-12 to I-55 gets you from BR to Jackson well enough. I could see this following US 61 to Natchez and Vicksburg, then turning towards Little Rock, connecting with and absorbing I-530. In fact, others have suggested this before.


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